1. Once a voucher from a 3rd-party booking site is submitted, we can unfortunately not cancel the reservation or change the date once a date has been confirmed on which the voucher will be redeemed. 
  2. No refunds will be made on 3rd Party-booking site payments.
  3. Payment-related queries is between the buyer and the site you bought the voucher or deal from.
  4. Vouchers are only valid for the period stated on the deal (usually 3 months).  Unfortunately we can not move the date of your reservations after the 3 month period.  
  5. Vouchers only includes what is stated on the special deal of what is included in the deal you bought. 
  6. Please note that only a number of specific suites are made available for special deals.  i.e, Should the deal include an executive suite and all executive suites available for the specific deal are sold out,, the buyer is more than welcome to occupy a standard suite (if available(, or upgrade to a Deluxe suite and a rate (which fluctuates) as per Reservation Executive.