(There's nothing better than opening a cupboard and a fabric-softener-smell take you back to mom's laundry-smell)

Little Eden Guest Lodge has a laundry service available to our in-house guests.  

Please note that this is a same-day-service depending on weather and workload conditions.  In some cases you might only receive your washed & ironed laundry the following day, but there's very little chance of this happening. 

We do have dedicated laundry-appliances for guest-laundry, but when housekeeping is working under pressure with a big workload, the lodge's bedding, etc are priority. They are allowed to use the dedicated guest-laundry machine as well.  

In case of a weather- or big workload scenario, guest-laundry will be washed before bed and bathroom linen and the housekeeping team will do their best to have your laundry ready the afternoon/evening when you arrive.

Please note that we don't take any responsibility of any damage/discoloration/shrinkage, of your laundry etc