In the past we had "Laundry Forms" on each Suite's desk.  We had to replace unused forms basically every second day because a paper start to look untidy after a few people picked it up to read the contents.  

We have an electronic Laundry Form, where the guest can log in and complete a quick tick-box-type form with a few fields where additional information and instructions can be posted.  

Simply navigate to the Online Laundry Request Form and complete all the fields. Please complete the form accurately with all information regarding your laundry, i.e Quantity, Color, Description, Special Instructions, etc. The form will be sent to the Reservation Executive on duty and the information will be forwarded to housekeeping, including special instructions.

Feel free to leave the laundry that you need washed on the bed.  Housekeeping will know that it needs to be washed after getting the instruction form Reception first thing in the morning.  

I hope this could answer your question regarding laundry.